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Camposol Property by Mercers Ltd

Mercers were one of the first estate agents selling property in Camposol since 1996. We started with many acres of undulating countryside. This has now been turned into a small town and one of the most popular urbanisations in the Spanish province of Murcia.

Buy Spanish property in Camposol for your retirement, a holiday home or for a straight investment, the choices of properties are amazing.
We were also the first estate agent to open offices here. Over the years we have not only sold to more property owners than any other agent but we have also built up a solid reputation as "the estate agent" for Camposol villas. This reputation has been built on integrity, professionalism, honesty and good old-fashioned courtesy to our buyers and sellers alike.

Camposol Property

Camposol Properties

3 Bedroom Detached Location: Camposol, Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain € 175,000+ Tax
Week Views: 275

3 Bedroom Detached
Location: Camposol,
Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain
€175,000+ Tax REF: NEA449

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Camposol - Things To Do

The excellent 18 hole Camposol Golf Course is regarded as the best in the area and has been developed to mould into the landscape and to take advantage of natural features, wonderful views and challenging fairways. There are a number of communal swimming pools on Camposol and plans are afoot to build tennis courts.

The beautiful Mediterranean is only 10 minutes drive away and here there is a whole host of sporting activities available, including excellent diving in the Bay of Mazarron.


Camposol - Eating Out and Nightlife

On Camposol we have 2 commercial areas, each with a good selection of shops, bars and restaurants. For those of you that like to east out, there are a wide range of tastes catered for, including traditional Spanish, Chinese, Indian, Italian, British & even Bulgarian cuisine.

For pub lovers we have traditional English and Irish pubs and of course Spanish bars.

There is no reason to leave Camposol for shopping as we have a large supermarket, and a few "corner" shops. As well as hardware shops, paint and decorating shops, petrol station, newsagents, butchers, bodega, insurance agents, IT specialists etc etc.

Camposol is really it's own small town. A home away from home.


Camposol Interesting Facts

Camposol was launched in 1996 and has become one of the success stories of Murcia property. The first detached 2 bed villas sold for £28,500 with large 3 bed villas selling for around £55,000.

Camposol has a natural thermal spring that bathers can go and lie in. Camposol has it's own "Mayor" who is affiliated to the Town Hall in Mazarron. Camposol has a little train that runs in the Summer months, transporting people around the urbanisation. There are numerous clubs, groups and associations on Camposol, so whether you are into line dancing, walking or knitting, there is a place for you.


Camposol Location

The location of Camposol is unique. It is situated on undulating ground in a large valley, surrounded by hills and rugged mountains. The feeling of space and freedom abounds. Wherever you are on Camposol, it is virtually assured that you will have marvellous views of the mountains and surrounding countryside.

Camposol is best described as a "rural development in and area of outstanding beauty with it's own recreational and commercial facilities and amenities, yet only 5 minutes drive to Mazarron and 10 minutes to the sea"

Mercers have had an office on Camposol since 1999, in fact we were the first estate agents to open an office here and over the past 9 years, we have seen Camposol transformed into one of the best residential developments in Murcia.


Why Camposol

Camposol is one of the success stories of Spanish property and especially for the Mazarron, Murcia region. It has taken around 10 years to get to the stage we are at now and for facilities and site amenities and value for money property, you cannot, in our opinion beat this great development.

If you have ever dreamed of owning your own home under the Spanish sun, then talk to the professionals at Mercers.

We are waiting to talk to you.


Camposol Transport Links

Camposol sits astride the RM-3 road that joins Mazarron with the rest of the excellent Spanish motorway system. Madrid is only 4 hours drive and the Northern ports of Bilbao & Santander (with ferries from the UK) can be reached in a days drive.
The nearest train station is in Totana (10 mins by car) and here there are direct trains into Murcia and Lorca. Camposol is served by the local bus service and there are taxis available.


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