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Isla Plana

Isla Plana Property by Mercers Ltd

Mercers were one of the first estate agents selling property in Isla Plana since 1996. We started with many acres of undulating countryside. The Spanish town of Isla Plana Costa Calida is tucked away along the bay of Mazarron with authentic restaurants along its strip.

Buy Spanish property in Isla Plana for your retirement, a holiday home or for a straight investment, the choices of properties in Isla Plana are amazing.

We were also among the first estate agents in Isla Plana to open offices in the region. Over the years we have not only sold to more property owners than any other agent but we have also built up a solid reputation as "the estate agent" for Isla Plana villas. This reputation has been built on integrity, professionalism, honesty and good old-fashioned courtesy to our buyers and sellers alike.

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Isla Plana Properties

Most Viewed Spanish Property 1

2 Bedroom Apartment
Location: Isla Plana,
Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain
€79,000+ Tax REF: ISLA27

Most Viewed Spanish Property 1

2 Bedroom Apartment
Location: Isla Plana,
Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain
€84,900+ Tax REF: ISLA18

Most Viewed Spanish Property 1

3 Bedroom Duplex
Location: Isla Plana,
Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain
€85,000+ Tax REF: ISLA22

Most Viewed Spanish Property 1

2 Bedroom Apartment
Location: Isla Plana,
Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain
€89,000+ Tax REF: ISLA12

Most Viewed Spanish Property 1

2 Bedroom Apartment
Location: Isla Plana,
Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain
€99,950+ Tax REF: ISLA24

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Try our Spanish property search facility to find new, off plan and resale Isla Plana property for sale. Property search types include finca, townhouse, villa, duplex, apartment, cave house, palacio and plot.

For a complete list of Isla Plana property simply follow the links below, you can also send an email to For more information on Isla Plana property.

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Isla Plana Images

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Isla Plana - Things To Do

Ask our friendly staff for properties for sale in Isla Plana around these striking landmarks.

Isla Plana has some outstanding must-see buildings so consider going out to see them when you have bought your property in Isla Plana Spain.


Isla Plana - Eating Out and Nightlife

If food is high on your list for Isla Plana property for sale then the food here is perfect. Isla Plana has a good selection of excellent bars, restaurants and shops, catering to all tastes and pockets. Some overlook the beach and over local and international dishes.

If indeed the beach is your primary target then the best advice is to look for an apartment for sale in Isla Plana as this will be the most accessible to the gorgeous beaches.


Isla Plana Interesting Facts

The village of La Azohia has a wonderful panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea, and it creates a microclimate as the village's background consists of high mountains, which is also a conservation area. Isla Plana has a comfortable average temperature of 15 ° C - 35 ° C, not too cold in winter or too hot in the summer. The population is mixed with mostly Spaniards who want to move out to the coastal area or use it as a summer retreat, but also other Northern Europeans, who have found this "the hidden coast". In and around Isla Plana the largest and most popular beach is a shallow one, ideal for young children and adults. The water is crystal clear and perfect for diving & snorkelling as it has "blueflag" status.

In the hills and mountains behind Isla Plana is a nature reserve with miles of beautiful hiking trails.

There is a market in the summer once or twice a week where you can buy fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and nuts.


Isla Plana Location

Situated in the bay of Mazarron (around 6km from Mazarron town itself, Isla Plana was originally a quiet fishing bay, and has kept much of the peaceful and more importantly its traditional charm of old.

Isla Plana is situated 50 kilometres from Murcia San Javier airport, which is the main airport that serves the region and 40 kilometres from this historical city of Cartagena.

With its tranquil and sheltered beach, Isla Plana has a relaxed atmosphere making it ideal for families and couples seeking a peaceful, beach location.


Isla Plana - History

Isla Plana's history makes it an excellent opportunity for property investment in Isla Plana.

Isla Plana dates back to pre-Roman times and is centred around the small fishing harbour. The small population has relied on agriculture, the growing of tomatoes and fishing for many hundreds of years. Isla Plana sits midway on the Bay of Mazarron and belongs to the municipality of Cartagena.


Isla Plana Tansport Links

There are daily flights into San Javier airport from most British airports and, further to the north, Alicante airport ranks as one of Spain's busiest. A new airport at Corvera, south of the city, will open in the near future. Once this airport is open it will make properties Isla Plana Spain even more accessible.

The road infrastructure is top class, with access from a spur of the north-south Mediterranean motorway close to the town, while a new motorway links the town to Vera in the south and Cartagena to the north


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