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Question - Do the properties you sell come with title deeds?

Answer - Yes all of the properties we sell come with title deeds. We also obtain a Copia Simple (copy of the deeds) from the land registry to which we subscribe via the internet.

Question - I have heard about properties been demolished in Spain, as they do not have building permissions. Are the properties you sell likely to have this problem?

Answer - No. We sell properties on what are called urbanisations. The properties featured in the press are rural properties normally built on land that is not designated as urban but either rustic or agricultural. This has long been a "grey" area in Spain. If in doubt, buy on an urbanisation. There are many benefits to this, as well as having neighbours and facilities close to hand.

Question - What are the medical facilities like?

Answer - Excellent. The hospitals in this part of Spain are all modern and have excellent staff and up to date facilities. There is a new medical centre on Camposol and one in Mazarron. There are also English speaking doctors.

Question - Do you recommend lawyers & legal advisors?

Answer - Yes we do and 100% of our buyers use these services. Buying in Spain is fairly straight forward; however you will need someone to assist with the legal process, language and the legendary Spanish bureaucracy.

Question - Is internet banking available?

Answer - Yes and some Spanish banks even have English language websites.

Question - I am a Pensioner, will I still get my pension in Spain?

Answer - Yes, your UK state or private pension can be paid directly into your Spanish bank account, or you can have it paid into a UK account and then transfer funds across via internet banking. Very simple.

Question - Can I bring my UK registered car to Spain?

Answer - You can but within 6 months you have to either take the car out of the country or import it. The reality is that most people will buy a car in Spain. This makes sense as having a left hand drive car is far more practical in Europe. Prices are similar to the UK and there are English speaking garages/mechanics in the area for maintenance etc.

Question - I have dog. Can I bring him to Spain?

Answer - Yes. We recommend that you obtain a "pet passport" for your dog or cat, so that you will be able to travel with them throughout Europe and for visits back to the UK. This means that there is no need for quarantine, as long as the inoculations are up to date and the passport is stamped by a vet.

Question - Can I get a mortgage in Spain?

Answer - Since the credit crunch, Spanish banks have reduced their mortgage business. However, some banks will offer up to 60% LTV, for well qualified buyers but we recommend that until the banks relax their lending criteria, it is often easier and cheaper to arrange finance in your home country.

Question - Why should I choose Mercers to buy or sell through?

Answer - We are the longest established Estate Agent in this area. We have an excellent reputation backed up by a number of prestigious industry awards. Our team are professional, friendly and honest. We are the most successful agent in the region, which means we get results. So if you are looking to buy, we have the best selection of properties at correct market prices and if you are looking to sell, you will not find a more pro-active agent. Our motto is "Our passion is property" and that is what we do best.

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