Spain is another country where there are bargain prices that are likely to stay affordable during 2012. In parts of Spain you can get a new villa for €50,000. There seems little doubt that for those with the many Spain looks like a good buy in 2012. One area that a lot of people are talking about it Murcia where the new ParamountTheme Park is due to start construction in 2012.

It is estimated that the average asking price for a property in Murcia is €163,000, some way below the national average of €263,000. Chris Mercer, direct of Murcia specialists Mercers, also pointed out that the area has a €12 million tourism budget for 2012, 5% higher than 2011 and the region is committed to promote its tourist attractions.


The opening of Corvera International airport in 2012 will add to its attractiveness. According to Mercer more international buyers are interested in property in the area with enquiries from Norway, Sweden, Spain, France, Ireland, the UK and beyond. ‘Murcia is attracting a diverse international audience who are lured by four key factors; the Paramount branded Theme Park, golf, improved accessibility and, above all, price,’ he said.


‘We expect to see steady sales in 2012 to a variety of nationalities motivated on price. When the ParamountTheme Park breaks ground in March 2012, this might provide doubters with the necessary reassurance and impetus to emerge from waiting in the wings and make a property purchase with an eye on rental demand in the future, not only for holidaymakers but workers.


Paramount alone is said to require 22,600 construction workers and they will need accommodation, so investment clients are looking forward to a profitable near future unlike most other areas in Spain.